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Set menu in Barcelona

When you celebrate something, you want everything to be perfect. So if it is to entertain your guests, or because you marry, it is your engagement party. Either it’s your son’s graduation, grandma’s 90th birthday, or you even celebrate a promotion. You may have guests in the company and your boss will appoint you as the manager of the set menu. In all these cases, it is better to have a good ally. And for this El Foro is the best place to carry it out.

El Foro is one of the best Argentine restaurants in Barcelona. Our secret has to do not only with imported cuts, but with our great seasoning seasoned with the best attention. That, coupled with a restaurant located in one of the most beautiful places in the city, El Born, has a lot to do with it. But in addition, we are specialists in set menu for groups.

Set menu in an Argentinean restaurant

Offering our guests a pleasant culinary experience and a wonderful stay, is our goal. There are many positive reviews of our Argentine restaurant. Our clients have a great time and leave happy to enjoy a great meal and excellent attention. In addition, when you enjoy yourself in a beautiful place and with a lot of history, it has no waste. That is something we achieved in each dish and attention in a set menu in El Foro.

If what you are looking for is a place to celebrate something special or private, it allows you to fall in love with El Foro. The best set menu you can find here, so that all your guests have a very good taste. For this we will delight you with our richest and traditional dishes of Argentine gastronomy. But if you choose something different, we will also meet your demands.

Set menu inĀ El Foro

Do you prefer to eat a regional dish, a dish of Italian cuisine or specifically Mediterranean fusion food? Or if you prefer a more vegetarian menu or require a plate for celiac guests, come to El Foro. Here we take into account all tastes and we guarantee an excellent set menu, worthy of a king.

As for the spaces, forget it. In the Forum we have reserved for a few people. But if you want a set menu for around 60, there is our space in El Foro Club, at the bottom of the restaurant. And for a bigger event, it has the Main Hall, with a space for up to 80 guests. All will have great time in the best place, the best food and a great atmosphere.

Set menu: information

That is why, if you eat well and organize the best set menu it is, come to El Foro. The menus, spaces and environments are the best. Enjoy delicious Argentine dishes, emptiness, barbecue, barbecue, steak, chorizo. Or choose a different and special menu, exclusive to El Foro. We assure you that you will like it so much that you will repeat the experience.

For more information, visit our website and learn more about our exclusive set menu. Let us take care of all the details. For reservations, call us at 93 310 10 20.


Set menu

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