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Set menu Barcelona in El Foro

The end of the year is approaching and with it the closing of another cycle more. But special meals are common in companies, as well as meetings with family and friends. In the first case it may be difficult to find a good set menu Barcelona. And in the second case the attempt to prepare and organize the event yourself may be an option. However, there are other alternatives that perfectly fit your needs.

El Foro is the best place to carry out a set menu Barcelona. We are in a beautiful and well known neighborhood, El Born. Secondly, it is a restaurant of Argentine cuisine with a great variety of menus. And to top it off, we specialize in organizing group dinners and events to make them memorable.

Where to find a good set menu Barcelona

Comfort and good food are priceless. Therefore instead of organizing a group event on their own, it is preferable for the experts to take charge. In this way everyone will be satisfied: a first rate attention, magnificent dishes and an atmosphere like none. Therefore, when you need to make a set menu Barcelona, ​​think about El Foro.

In El Foro we are specialize in both small events and major events. Whether it’s some guests invited to your company, or a small gathering of friends you have not seen for some time. Or much older, like a wedding or your company’s end-of-year dinner. In any of these cases, we will make sure that your set menu Barcelona is the best.

Excellent set menu Barcelona

If what you are looking for is a well located place, that has wide spaces or with reserved, El Foro is the option. It is located in a building that was built for the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona. It has a pleasant, intimate and artistic atmosphere, and we invite you to know it through a virtual tour in our web. This way you will discover why it is the ideal place for your set menu Barcelona.

We have an exquisite Argentine menu, and to give you an idea gives a look at our website. Our normal menu is renewed every week and there is a list of our dishes. We also offer special menus for diners with dietary restrictions. No one else will offer you a set menu Barcelona like this, in El Foro.

Book a set menu Barcelona

In addition we invite you to know our spaces. The Main Hall is up to 80 diners. For its part, we have reserved, with capacity for 27 people and can be divided into two. And for a medium event, there is El Foro Club, which can accommodate up to 60 people. All with the best attention and service for your set menu Barcelona.

If you need to know more about our set menu Barcelona, ​​contact us. We assure you that the next step will be to book. The best dishes, a privileged attention and much more, in El Foro. Book phone 93 310 10 20. We are in Carrer de la Princesa, 53, 08003 Barcelona.


Set menu Barcelona

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