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Private dining room in Barcelona

Are you in search of a site to hold a special event? Whether it’s a family reunion with your cousins ​​or your mother’s birthday. Or for a business meeting where they will have special guests. In any of these cases it is important to have a restaurant where food and attention are excellent. But at the same time, an intimate place and away from the rest of the diners. This is the private dining room of El Foro.

Whatever the occasion that motivates the event, if you are the person in charge of the organization, we help you. So you do not have to worry about anything, rather than enjoy with the rest of the guests. Does it seem impossible to find such a site? It is not, because in El Foro we have a private dining room suitable for the occasion. We assure you that you will be more than delighted.

El Foro has private dining room

You will ask what is special about El Foro and whether it will have an appropriate private dining room. To begin, it is located in one of the most glamorous neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​El Born. If you wish, your guests can take a short walk before the meeting to learn more about this beautiful place.

We are an unparalleled Argentinean restaurant, but we also have a wide gastronomic offer. It is just a matter of talking to reach an agreement of what it is what you want us to serve for your guests. We have from the most traditional Argentine dishes, to Mediterranean fusion cuisine. All served with the utmost care in our private dining room.

Where we will find a suitable private dining room

In addition to our tasty dishes, we are an Argentine restaurant that is characterized by giving the best attention to groups. We have the right spaces for this. From a reserved for less than 30 people, to our beautiful Main Hall for 80 diners. In addition to El Foro Club, a space at the bottom of the restaurant that doubles as a perfect private dining room.

In El Foro we adapt to your needs and those of your guests. We have a variety of menus that you can consult on our website, to open appetite. Every week we renew our menu, so you’ll always get a tasty surprise. In our private dining room, we cater to the most demanding palates. From a succulent cut, a delicious emptiness, to a traditional choripán, some patatas bravas or tapas with olives and Iberian ham.

The best private dining room in Barcelona

In El Foro we are experts in attending groups of people. You just have to get closer to talk and we take care of everything. Depending on the number of guests and the reason for the event, we will make the corresponding suggestions. We assure you that everyone is going to have a great time. Excellent attention, the most delicious dishes and a private dining room as there is no other.

For reservations, call us at 93 310 10 20, we offer you the best service and service. Come and see why in El Foro you find the best private dining room in Barcelona. 4

Private dining room

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