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Group Menu

Without a doubt, the Spanish like to celebrate. And when it comes to organizing a banquet for your guests, you must choose the best options. Perhaps a first attempt is made at home and some volunteer to help and cook. But the reality is that in the end there is no lack of who declines or has another commitment and you have a great job. To avoid all this, it is better to leave the group menu to the professionals.

Do not stay with cooking for a group of people, if you have El Foro, a magnificent Argentinean restaurant. We are the best option for the group menu and we invite you to know us. We offer you from the best of Argentine gastronomy, to various options that will fall in love with everyone. From a good barbecue with potatoes, to a provoletta or a salad with hearts of palm.

Group menu in El Foro

In El Foro carrying out the best group menu is something that is good for us. Because in addition to offering the best attention and dishes to our guests, we specialize in group menus. So you do not have to worry about cooking, finding a suitable place for people. And much less serve and scrub junk! All this leave it to us, because it will be a pleasure to attend to all.

If you want to eat rich, with careful attention and first level, you have to go to El Foro. We are an Argentinean restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona. And to be precise, we are in one of the coolest neighborhoods, El Born. So your guests are going to have a great time in a picturesque place, with a lot of history. With a subtly modernist atmosphere and surrounded by art. And of course, served to perfection and tasting the best dishes. We are specialists in group menu!

Group menu in Barcelona

Do not waste looking for a place to celebrate a group menu, when you have El Foro. We are the best option you need. Let’s take care of everything, while you and your guests enjoy a good cut, tasty sandwiches. If you still do not know us, take a look at our website. Here we invite you to take a virtual tour of our Argentine restaurant in Barcelona.

If you fancy trying something different, you have guests who do not want to eat regional dishes, but international gastronomy. Invite them to El Foro, where the group menu will be a success. Our cuts are imported and succulent, so that everyone feels at ease. And for those who prefer something special, we have vegetarian and celiac menus. A treat!

Group menu in El Born

Whether it’s a wedding, a christening, a formal dinner, a family reunion, a business or business meal. Let us take care of your group menu in El Foro. We have spaces from a dozen people, up to 80 people.

Let us take care of the organization of your group menu and you relax and enjoy the moment. For reservations, send us a message from our website or reservation on +34 93 310 10 20.

Group menu

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