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Group menu Barcelona: choose the best

Planning an event requires a special preparation and for this, you must have an excellent menu and the right place. When it comes to a group menu Barcelona, ​​do not mess up looking for places to do it. And if you plan to do it at home, think twice: buy ingredients, cook, rent crockery, household goods and so on. In those cases go to the experts and El Foro is the best choice.

Whether it’s a group menu Barcelona for your family or a business meal, you want it to be perfect. Because usually such events are performed for a particular reason. For example, a christening, celebrating a commitment, grandfather’s birthday. Either because there are foreign guests in your company or it is prior to signing an agreement.

Where to find the best group menu Barcelona

In any of the above cases, it is important to treat your guests as they deserve. And if you want to show off on that special occasion, you do not have to worry too much about cooking. Because we take care of everything. In El Foro we are specialists in group menu Barcelona. There are many events we have been in charge of and they have been really great.

El Foro is an Argentinean restaurant located in the heart of Barcelona. We are in El Born, a super cool and picturesque neighborhood, which will please the diners and want to repeat. For your group menu Barcelona, ​​we offer you the richest of Argentine gastronomy. How about a juicy cut, a steak, a beef vacuum or a succulent barbecue? Surely it made your mouth water just to read it. Do not read it, make it happen when you have your event.

El Foro, an excellent group menu Barcelona

If you think that because it is a restaurant like El Foro it is necessary that it be a big event, not necessarily. We have the appropriate spaces according to the number of guests. In this way we assure you that your group menu Barcelona will have no comparison. We offer you first-rate attention, as well as a menu to lick your fingers.

Whether it’s a group menu Barcelona for 10, 20, 50 or 80 people, we offer you several options to make everyone feel comfortable. For example, we have reserved, in case your event is for few diners. On the other hand, if it is for about 60, we recommend El Foro Club, which is located at the bottom of the restaurant. And for an event of up to 80 people is the Main Hall. Know the spaces in our web.

Where to make a group menu Barcelona

Of course, we know that in addition to the attention, food is an important factor for your group menu Barcelona. At El Foro we are really flexible to your needs, so we offer you not only the best of gaucho cuisine. We also have the most delicious Mediterranean fusion cuisine as well as typical food. And even special menus for vegetarians and celiacs.

The Forum is in Carrer de la Princesa, 53, 08003 Barcelona. Book on the phone 93 310 10 20 and we will assure you the best experience for your group menu Barcelona in El Foro.

Group menu Barcelona

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