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The best Barcelona steak house

If you have a fierce appetite, or simply want to taste a good cut accompanied by the best wine, come to El Foro. We are a Barcelona steak house that will delight your senses and where we will offer you our best cuts. We know that there are many proposals for Argentine cuisine in the city, but few that offer an experience as complete as we do.

El Foro is, to start, in a privileged place: El Born. A cool neighborhood with a long tradition, where bohemian and traditional meet. And to complement your visit to this area of ​​the city, come to our Barcelona steak house. We assure you that you will be fully pleased. Whether it’s a daily lunch, a family reunion or a large-scale event.

Barcelona steak house: meat imported from Argentina

If you’re looking for an original Barcelona steak house, come to El Foro. Here you will find the best cuts, because we import them from Argentina. This way we assure you that the taste, the smoothness and the texture, are insurmountable. Of course, this is only part of our letter, because we have much more. Whether you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we will always surprise you with something new.

You have to take a look at our weekly menu, which we update regularly. Delight yourself with the best starters, first and second courses. One of them is the Friesian entrecote, which you can accompany with chips or salads. Follow with a rich artisan dessert and a good wine, water or cane. All for only 12.90 euros. And being a Barcelona steak house, see also our other menus, such as pampero noon, patagónico, criollo or parrillada.

Barcelona steak house: try our menus

Of course, if our menus are the best, you have to look at the menus for groups, a full entertainment. And if your mouth is not still watering, take a look at our letter. There you will surely understand why we are a magnificent Barcelona steak house. For example, within the suggestions of the chef is the gap to the gaucho, or a grilled pike with chimichurri.

Do you know why we are the best Barcelona steak house? Look at our section of meat and grill, where we will delight you with a vacuum, with a Creole churrasco. Or if you prefer, a strip of roast with roasted potatoes, a good steak of chorizo, low loin Angus, a sirloin steak. And if you come accompanied, ask for the Great Grill El Foro. It consists of a strip of roast, churrasco, chicken, sausage of onion, Creole chorizo ​​and veal sweetbreads. With supplements, of course.

Barcelona steak house: reservation in The Forum

Of course, the above is just a sample of what we offer you in our Barcelona steak house. But we also think about all the tastes or possible dietary restrictions of our guests. We also have a wide assortment of handmade pastas, pizzas, salads and cheese boards. Do not forget that we invite you early to breakfast. A chocolate with churros, a delight.

As you can see, if Barcelona steak house is about, El Foro is the best alternative in the city. You can check the opinions on TripAdvisor. So no matter what time it is at this time, you will be cordially invited to meet us. We know you’ll want to repeat at the slightest opportunity … and we do not blame you. We are in Carrer de la Princesa, 53, 08003 Barcelona. For reservations call us at 93 310 10 20.


Barcelona steak house

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